4 Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your House

Designing your house is a very important step towards getting your dream home. It is as important as building it. Without an efficient plan it will be difficult and unnecessarily costly to bring the desired building to life.  Many homeowners do not see the importance of using a professional designer at the start of their project. They would rather spend on the building process so they end up wasting time and money because the design was unclear or lacked practicality.

Our advice is not to be afraid to spend money: invest in a great design tailored precisely to your needs. It will save you a lot more in building costs at the end. 

And the way to do that is to AVOID the four common mistakes people make when they start a new project.

DIY design or do it yourself design:

Unless you are a qualified, you should not have a go at drawings lines on a piece of paper and hope it would pass for an acceptable design. You might attract more troubles for yourself by taking this sort of gamble.

BKB design or builder knows best design:

No, builders do not know best when it comes to drawing plans. Builders are needed to build the house that was designed. If they knew best they would hold a qualifying license too. Do not try to cut corners by mixing up professions.

CYNF design or copy your neighbours and friends:

You go to their place or look from your window and see their new extension looks amazing so you want exactly the same. Your house design should be about you and how it would fit your needs. Copying them would mean copying a design that would serve you no purpose. It was not made for you, it will not work for you.

ASFAO design or asking strangers online for advice:

This is a major offence when designing a project. Let’s put it in perspective: Imagine having a dietary issue that needs addressing. Your health is on the line here and you are eager to get well and balanced as soon as possible. But instead of going to a nutritionist to get help, you start asking strangers in the street for their opinion. This is what it looks like. Be sensible, seek help from a professional for your design issues not strangers.

You will be paying out a lot to get your house built, so make good design a must.

Find here reasons why you should hire an architectural designer.


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