4 Reasons Why You Should Hire An Architectural Designer

It is not uncommon for homeowners to hire an unqualified person to draw their house plans in order to apply for planning permission. People are sometimes reluctant to hire professionals because of the high service rates but they do not understand the benefits they could gain in the long run. When designing your dream home, spending on quality service should come as standard.

Below is a typical example of problems that you are likely to face if you do not know the advantages of hiring a professional.

This was read on the comment section of an advice sharing website.

“Need help with our new kitchen extension layout. Myself and husband are currently planning our kitchen extension. The plans have been submitted for planning permission and now we are trying to decide on the internal layout. Our house is quite narrow and we are undecided where to have the downstairs WC and utility room. We have a couple of options here are the floor plans:

1-    This is an idea we came up with- making the two reception rooms one and the taking a section of the rear reception room for the WC and the utility room. 2-    WC under the stars and no utility room

3-   WC and utility room added in extension

Would option 3 create a funny corridor and make extension small? Finding it so hard to get an idea of the actual space. Any help, suggestions or advice would be amazing.”

 At this stage of the process for this couple, they should have had peace of mind and a clear idea of what they were getting. If you hire someone for your project and by this stage you are still confused, there is a problem. This is why you should know the benefits of hiring a qualified and accredited professional.


A passionate designer understands the workings of space and light and can come up with different options that would help you make the most of your investment.

2-  Problem solvers

The job of an architectural designer is to give you ideas for designs that will suit your needs and fit your lifestyle. Employing one should make your life better by improving your living space. After discussing your ideas and finalising the plans, you should have a clear idea of what you are getting. Asking for advice on public forums, to strangers who might not fully understand design and who do not know you or what is best for you, is a recipe for disaster. It is not recommended and is even dangerous practice for your peace of mind; when things go wrong who are you going to blame? Yourself or strangers on the internet?

3-   Money saving experts

A well-conceived design can be built efficiently and save you a lot of money on your project in the short term, and your property value can be increased in the long term. An architectural designer will find a way to maximise on your budget.

4-    Putting your interest first

Just like a medical doctor will get you through health issues, we will identify your design needs, define what you want to build, offer you options and possibilities that are best for you and help you achieve that vision for the house that you dreamed of.

Siproj has your best interest at heart so trust us with your ideas. We will know what to do because we are trained for that.


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